1.35 million road deaths

That’s a big number that equates to an even bigger problem.

94% of those accidents are caused by human error. And the worst part? Even the most competent and cautious driver can only control their own actions – not those of the cars around them. And while focus has largely been on reactive or prescriptive safety measures, these merely minimise damage to passengers, they don’t stop the crash from occurring.

Provizio is making radical changes in vehicle safety. It is leading the way with a 5D sensory vision system that prevents accidents, optimises safety and saves lives.

About us

Provizio is radically transforming vehicle safety with our proprietary Accident Prevention Technology (APT)™ platform. Human error is the fault in over 90% of car accidents. Over 1.35 million people are killed every year on the road (equivalent to 20 airplane crashes every single day) + 50 million injuries WHO = a cost USD $24 trillion (2%+ of worldwide GDP)iRAP . More than $80 billion has been invested in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) over the last 5 years Brookings Inst…with zero impact on road deaths.
Provizio was founded by a team of automotive and aerospace industry veterans with a mission to use advanced technology to reduce the devastation caused by road accidents. Previous to Provizio our team built products that NASA described as “awesome” and the world’s leading autonomous driving group described as “the gold standard” in automotive radar. Our APT™ Platform combines proprietary vision sensors and machine learning to see further, wider and through obstacles, detecting danger in all-weather conditions and applying predictive analytics in real-time to augment driver behaviour…and prevent accidents.


We are hiring software and hardware engineers to join our growing teams in Limerick, Belfast, Pittsburgh or in your home town (we support remote working). Always on the look out for experienced people who want to challenge the status quo and build something that seems impossible.

Our current openings are below. If you do not see a relevant position but you are the right person for Provizio, please send us your resume and let us know what we are missing.

We are on a mission, join us: info@proviz.io

SW Engineer, Machine Learning

We are looking for a software engineer with experience in computer vision and machine learning. Previous experience in AD or ADAS is highly desirable as is experience extracting data using radar, lidar and camera vision sensors.

Embedded Engineer, DSP

We are looking for an embedded engineer with strong experience in Digital Signal Processing. Previous experience in implementing digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms in hardware description language for an FPGA-based radar sensors a must.

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